Cayetano ensures spending plan will not be postponed even if House will miss out on original deadline

Cayetano ensures spending plan will not be postponed even if House will miss out on original deadline

Cayetano ensures budget plan will not be delayed even if Home will miss out on initial deadline

MANILA, Philippines– Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano (Taguig-Pateros) assured that the proposed 2021 nationwide spending plan would not be delayed even if your home will be missing its initial deadline to pass the financial strategy as it chose to go on a break earlier.

In a Facebook Live video, Cayetano said that your home now intends to pass the budget on November 16, more than a month after its original time frame to approve the P4.5 trillion costs bill on October 14.

” Do not fret, the spending plan will not be postponed. We will send this right away [to the Senate],” Cayetano stated Tuesday night.

He likewise said that while the House would not be holding sessions till November 16, lawmakers in the lower chamber would still be working on the budget plan together with the little committee he formed which would look at proposed changes from legislators.

He said that with the developments in your home’s handling of the budget plan, the transmission of the proposed spending plan to the Senate would only be postponed by a day.

” I don’t think [the Senate] would not have the ability to pass it, we’re simply talking of a one-day hold-up,” Cayetano stated.

The speaker likewise motivated senators to deal with your house throughout the break so that the meetings of the bicameral conference committee, which would thresh out the distinctions in your home and Senate variations of the budget plan, would be “less controversial.”

‘ Speaker broke rules, suppressed our voices’

Your house passed Tuesday the spending plan on 2nd reading while avoiding essential public arguments on the spending plan as Cayetano relocated to end the period of interpellations and modifications on the proposed step, conjuring up Area 55 of House rules.

That guideline specifies that a motion to close the argument on the step can be made after three speeches in favor of it and two versus or just one speech in favor and none versus. Marathon plenary arguments on the budget plan were currently on its 6th day when Cayetano transferred to railroad the passage of the budget.

Cayetano said this was to reveal that he is not holding the budget hostage to stick onto power, contrary to accusations hurled at him by his competitor for the speakership Rep. Lord Allan Velasco (Marinduque).

After your home passed the budget plan on 2nd reading, Cayetano’s allies moved to suspend session up until November 16, 3 p.m.

Some lawmakers on the flooring can be heard objecting to Cayetano’s motions, but they were subdued by the speaker’s allies. Rep. Lito Atienza (Buhay party-list), who was getting involved through Zoom, also attempted to object, but he was not able to unmute himself.

Speaking to ANC’s Headstart, Atienza stated Cayetano breached the guidelines of the House and even the Constitution.

” He adjourned it illegally. There was not even a question asked, or dispute allowed. There was not even a vote. That wasn’t a vote … That’s called fraud,” he said Wednesday.

Rep. Angelina Tan (Quezon) likewise stated that their voices were stifled as they were robbed of the possibility to discuss on the budget plan in public.

” We lost the location to get involved. What is very important here is for the general public to hear why you are promoting a specific measure or modification in the budget,” Tan told ANC’s Headstart in Filipino.

Rep. Sharon Garin (AAMBIS-OWA party-list) likewise stated closing the disputes on the budget permits less transparency.

” If we close the arguments now without even discussing the nearly 20 departments, then that’s not transparent. We’re denying the Filipino individuals the kind of budgeting they require,” Garin told reporters.

Atienza also questioned the production of a little committee which would manage proposed private and committee amendments to the budget plan.

” That’s not part of our rules. He’s comprising his own guidelines in the middle of the game again pulling away out of panic, shooting both double barrel guns of unlawful actions,” Atienza said.

Fears of a reenacted spending plan

Cayetano’s small committee is not without precedent. In 2018, your house under then-Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo also formed a little committee of the chamber’s leaders to get proposed modifications to the 2019 national budget by House members.

However this was also the spending plan which ended up being delayed for four months as several legislators declared that there were illegal insertions in the spending plan.

As an outcome, the Philippine government needed to operate on a reenacted spending plan, or utilize the previous year’s spending plan, which caused a financial decline.

Operating once again under a reenacted spending plan would not be ideal, according to Garin, as the 2020 budget plan did not represent the issues triggered by the pandemic.

” We’re going to threaten more lives and probably lose our livelihood if we do not fix it effectively,” she stated.

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