Functional Treatments Announces Rebrand and New Line Of Product, Synchronicity ™

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SUPERIOR, Colo.–()– Functional Treatments, a leader in the health industry-recognized for creating the greatest quality full-spectrum hemp oil and plant-to-body products using 100%natural and sustainable farming, today announces the launch of its new flagship product line, Synchronicity ™ Synchronicity ™ specifies market standards and empowers customers to take control of their health by experiencing the natural homes from the greatest quality full-spectrum hemp oil items on the marketplace. Full-spectrum hemp oil describes the utilization of the whole hemp plant and all its possibilities. By contrast, other gamers in the market usage just parts of the plant, or just one particle of the plant’s numerous abundant nutrients, consequently limiting its efficiency.

Practical Treatments’ hemp plant, CBDRx18, is the only hemp plant that’s acknowledged as the qualifying standard for the marijuana genome sequence by the National Center for Bioinformatics (NCBI), a department of The National Institute of Health (NIH).

It is clinically shown that the “Endocannabinoid System” in the body has receptors especially in the worried and digestion systems along with the total Body immune system. Those receptors are triggered and get the phytonutrients from the hemp plant allowing full-spectrum hemp oil and the anatomical makeup of the human body to collaborate to balance all of these body systems.

” Thanks to the due diligence of Practical Remedies’ President, Dr. Steven Kraus and Chief Researcher, Tim Gordon, this acknowledgment proves that all other cannabis pressures are measured by the requirement of our hemp plant pressure,” states Andrew Campbell, CEO of Functional Remedies. “We now have scientific proof that demonstrates how our nutrient-rich hemp plant items can much better sync with your own body. Understanding the particles and DNA of our plant reveals that all the plant’s nutrients are present and is among many reasons we understand how our items work.”.

Along with the NCBI registration, Practical Solutions’ exclusive lipid infusion procedure, LipidTrans ™ utilizes a gentle, hand-pressed, low-heat process that utilizes cellular bonding to instill the active advantageous nutrients of the entire hemp plant with a lipid (generally organic coconut oil) while protecting the stability of the plant particles and making them genuinely bioavailable. The result is a more efficacious full-spectrum hemp oil that ultimately delivers The Real Entourage ™ impact to the body.

” We have actually invested over twenty years naturally breeding higher-quality hemp plants and diligently crafting our procedure to provide the purest, powerful, and safe items to consumers,” states Campbell. “Our brand-new line invites individuals to experience the distinction in between an exceptional brand versus the snake oil CBD and low-quality hemp oil products that flood the marketplace today. Your body is the most reputable source and finest authority to respond to the concern, ‘does this product work for me?'”.

The Synchronicity ™ line of product features a range of items that can be utilized throughout the day to finest fit your needs:.

  • Pills (25 mg and 50 mg).
  • Casts (500 mg and 1000 mg in natural hemp, peppermint and berry lemonade flavors).
  • Aromatherapy (100 mg in peppermint rosemary and lavender chamomile fragrances).
  • Body Oil (200 mg).
  • Body Butter (450 mg).
  • Body Lotion (1000 mg).
  • Sports Balm (2500 mg).
  • Facial Cream (250 mg).
  • Youth Serum (100 mg).

” Functional Treatments delivers the greatest quality products on the marketplace today and sets the market requirement,” says Dr. Joel Kahn, “America’s Healthy Heart Doc”– a bestselling author and world-renowned thought leader in preventive and alternative medicine who runs a successful preventive cardiology practice in Detroit, MI. “Their products are truly extraordinary and my clients have actually seen amazing benefits using them.”.

Practical Treatments’ products are third-party checked making sure FDA compliance, the farming centers, and production operation procedures are GMP accredited and the business stays the only hemp maker admitted to the Customer Products Health Association. For additional information, see

About Functional Solutions

Practical Treatments is a pioneer in the wellness industry creating the greatest quality full-spectrum hemp oil plant-to-body products utilizing 100%natural and sustainable farming. With a procedure that’s been carefully crafted over twenty years, we’re a family-owned, doctor-recommended company whose items optimize the natural advantages of the whole plant to create a synergistic impact with the body. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Colorado, Functional Remedies products are third-party checked ensuring FDA compliance, GMP licensed and stays the only hemp maker confessed to the Consumer Products Health Association. For more details, visit or and follow Functional Remedies on Twitter, @functionalHemp, Facebook, and Instagram at functional_remedies

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